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Projection Synchronization

MsgPhp\Domain\Projection\ProjectionSynchronization is a utility domain service. Its purpose is to ease synchronizing projection documents from source objects.


synchronize(): int

Synchronizes all projections. Returns the no. of projections synchronized.

Basic example


use MsgPhp\Domain\Projection\ProjectionDocumentProvider;
use MsgPhp\Domain\Projection\ProjectionRepository;
use MsgPhp\Domain\Projection\ProjectionSynchronization;
use MsgPhp\Domain\Projection\ProjectionTypeRegistry;

// --- SETUP ---

class MyEntity

/** @var ProjectionTypeRegistry $typeRegistry */
/** @var ProjectionRepository $repository */

$provider = new ProjectionDocumentProvider([
    function (): iterable {
        yield new MyEntity();
        yield new MyEntity();
], function (object $object): array {
    return (array) $object;
}, function (object $object): string {
    return 'index';
$synchronization = new ProjectionSynchronization($typeRegistry, $repository, $provider);

// --- USAGE ---

$numProjections = $synchronization->synchronize();

Command Line Interface

A synchronization can be ran using the CLI when working with Symfony Console.