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A projection is a model object and bound to MsgPhp\Domain\Projection\Projection. Its purpose is to convert raw model data (a document) into a projection.

The document is usually a transformation from a domain object (e.g. an entity) and therefor projections should be considered read-only and disposable, as they can be re-created / synchronized at any time from a source of truth.

A practical use case for projections are APIs, where each API resource is a so called projection from a corresponding entity. It enables decoupling and thus optimized API responses.


For integration with API Platform see the projection data provider


static fromDocument(array $document): Projection

Creates a projection from raw document data.

Basic example


use MsgPhp\Domain\Projection\Projection;

// --- SETUP ---

class MyProjection implements Projection
    public $someField;

    public static function fromDocument(array $document): Projection
        $projection = new static();
        $projection->someField = $document['some_field'] ?? null;

        return $projection;

// --- USAGE ---

$projection = MyProjection::fromDocument([
    'some_field' => 'value',