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Object Factory

A domain object factory is bound to MsgPhp\Domain\Factory\DomainObjectFactory. Its purpose is to initialize any domain object based on a given class name and context.


create(string $class, array $context = []): object

Returns a factorized domain object by class name. Optionally a context can be provided for the factory to act upon.

reference(string $class, array $context = []): object

Returns a factorized domain reference object by class name. Optionally a context can be provided for the factory to act upon.


Factorizing a reference should not trigger its constructor to be called, nor trigger any form of external loading

getClass(string $class, array $context = []): string

Returns the actual class name the factory uses for a given class name.



A generic object factory. It initializes a class by reading its constructor arguments. If the class is a sub class of MsgPhp\Domain\DomainId or MsgPhp\Domain\DomainCollection its static fromValue constructor will be used instead.

Context elements mapped by argument name will be used as argument value. In case of a type-hinted object argument a nested context may be provided to initialize the object with.

To map interfaces and abstract classes to concrete classes a global class mapping can be provided.

Basic example


use MsgPhp\Domain\Factory\GenericDomainObjectFactory;

// --- SETUP ---

interface Known

class Some implements Known
    public function __construct(int $a, ?int $b, ?int $c)

class Subject
    public function __construct(string $argument, Known $some, Subject $otherSubject = null)

$factory = new GenericDomainObjectFactory([
    Known::class => Some::class,

// Optionally set the factory to use for nested objects, or use the current factory by default.
// $factory->setNestedFactory(...);

// --- USAGE ---

/** @var Some $object */
$object = $factory->create(Known::class, ['a' => 1]);
$factory->getClass(Known::class); // "Some"

/** @var Subject $object */
$object = $factory->create(Subject::class, [
    'argument' =>  'value',
    'some' => ['a' => 1, 'b' => 2],
    'otherSubject' => [
        'argument' => 'other value',
        'some' => ['a' => 1],

/** @var Subject $object */
$object = $factory->reference(Subject::class);


GenericDomainObjectFactory::reference() requires symfony/var-exporter


A Doctrine tailored object factory.