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A domain identifier is a value object and bound to MsgPhp\Domain\DomainId. Its purpose is to utilize a primitive identifier value, usually used to identity an entity with.


static fromValue(mixed $value): DomainId

Returns a factorized identifier from any primitive value. Using null might imply an empty identifier.

isEmpty(): bool

Tells if an identifier value is considered empty, thus has no known primitive value.

equals(DomainId $id): bool

Tells if an identifier strictly equals another identifier.

toString(): string

Returns the identifier its primitive string value. If the identifier is empty (see isEmpty()) an empty string should be returned.



A first-class citizen domain identifier trait compatible with any scalar value.

Basic Example


use MsgPhp\Domain\DomainId;
use MsgPhp\Domain\DomainIdTrait;

// --- SETUP ---

class MyDomainId implements DomainId
    use DomainIdTrait;

$id = new MyDomainId('1');
$emptyId = new MyDomainId();

// --- USAGE ---

$id->isEmpty(); // false
$emptyId->isEmpty(); // true

$id->equals(new MyDomainId('1')); // true
$emptyId->equals(new MyDomainId()); // false
$emptyId->equals($emptyId); // true

$id->toString(); // "1"
$emptyId->toString(); // ""


A UUID tailored domain identifier trait.